Pet registration

All dogs and cats 3 months of age and over must be registered by 10 April of each year.

Council must not register any new dog or cat unless it has been implanted with a microchip. This includes previously registered dogs and cats from another Council that are now kept within Moira Shire. Further information can be found by reading the Cat and Dog Registration Fact Sheet.

Council will forward a separate dog and cat renewal registration form early in the new year. For new registrations, please complete the application to register domestic animal form and submit to council with any applicable documentation as per the application form.

For further information regarding the State Government Levy please read the Animal Registration Levy Fact Sheet.

To update an existing animal registration please complete the Animal Registration Status Declaration and forward to our office. This includes notifications of deceased animals, animals that no longer live in the shire, moved address and or have a new owner.

Under the provisions of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Council is required to keep a register of all domestic cats and dogs. This register is available for public inspection, recording and/or certification of particulars.



 No Fee Animal Registration Period

In accordance with our Domestic Animal Management Plan, Council will offer residents the opportunity to register any NEW domestic animals at no charge between Tuesday 2nd January and Sunday 24th February 2019. All registration conditions still apply including the mandatory requirement for the animal to be microchipped.

Legislation requires that every dog and cat over the age of three months must be registered with council by 10 April every year. This new registration will be required to be renewed from 10 April 2019.

Applicable fees are still required for any domestic animals that are impounded or for any registrations renewals that have not been paid.

To register your new pet please visit one of our centres or agencies and complete the required application form. You must also provide a copy of the Microchipping Certificate and Desexing Certificate (where applicable).

Any new registrations received between Monday 25th Feburary and Wednesday 10 April 2019 must include full payment of applicable fees and which will be valid until 10 April 2020.