Documents available for public inspection


A wide variety of information is publicly available. This can range from public registers or Council Minutes to planning permit applications and objections or submissions received under section 223 of the Local Government Act.

While most public information is on Council’s website, some information can only be viewed at Council’s offices during working hours.

Please contact Council’s Customer Service on 03 5871 9222 to arrange a viewing time. Below is a list of information available to the public.

Available on Councils website

Available from Council's Offices

  • Minutes of meetings of special committees from the previous 12 months (does not include parts of meetings closed to the public)
  • Details of all property leases entered into by Council as lessor
  • Register of authorised officers appointed under section 224 of the Local Government Act
  • Register of Building permits
  • Register of Registered dogs and cats
  • Register of Subdivision applications
  • Register of Planning Permits and determinations