Pet registration

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Legislation requires that all dogs and cats 3 months of age and over must be microchipped and registered with council.

Moira Shire is launching a deal in regards to first time pet registrations this January. If you register and pay between now and April 2022, you will receive an extended registration period with 22/23 fees not due until April 2023.

You can register your pet online here or download an Application to Register Domestic Animal(PDF, 150KB) form and submit to council with any applicable documentation as per the application form.  Please read our Online Animal Registration Fact Sheet(PDF, 315KB) before proceeding with your online application.

Animal Registration Fees 21/22

Whole Dog/Cat $86.30
Neutered Dog/Cat $31.50
Dog/Cat Over 10 Years $31.50
Breeding Dog/Cat kept at a licensed premises $31.50
Registered Dog/Cat with an applicable organisation $31.50
Farm Working Dog $31.50
Dogs that have undergone obedience training with an approved organisation                        $31.50
Dangerous, Restricted or Menacing Dog Please contact council


Pensioners discount - If you currently hold an eligible pension card you are entitled to a 50% reduction in registration fees (not including State Government Levy costs).  Please present your card at time of registration.  Please note Health Care Card holders are not entitled to registration discount. 

Pet registrations must be renewed by 10 April each year.  Council will forward a renewal registration notice in March each year.  To make payment for a renewal registration online please visit our make a payment page.

To update an existing animal registration online please complete the Animal Registration Update. This includes notifications of deceased animals, animals that no longer live in the shire, moved address and or have a new owner.

The Victorian State Government charges a levy of $4.10 for each dog and cat registration.  For further information regarding the State Government Levy please visit the Department of Agriculture website.

Under the provisions of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Council is required to keep a register of all domestic cats and dogs. This register is available for public inspection, recording and/or certification of particulars.


Numbers of animals allowed

The Local Law stipulates restrictions in numbers of dogs and cats that are allowed on a property.

No person may without a permit, keep more than two dogs or two cats on any property in a residential area or commercial area, or on any property in a rural area which comprises less than eight hectares.

Please refer to Part 6 - Keeping of Animals, Birds, Poultry of the Moira Shire Council Community Safety and Environment Local Law for restrictions that relate to other animals.

If you want to keep more animals as set out in the Local Law, you must apply to Moira Shire Council by completing the (PDF, 119KB)(PDF, 119KB)Keeping of Animals Application/Renewal.(PDF, 728KB)

Further information can be obtained by downloading the Keeping of Animals Fact Sheet(PDF, 63KB).

If you still require further information, please give us a call.

Other Animals

Some reptiles and birds may require special permits. Enquiries should be directed to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning on 13 61 86 for more information.