Management Structure and Leadership Team

1. Overview

The day-to-day operations and the structure of Moira Shire Council is led by the Chief Executive Officer, who is appointed by the Council.

Our structure consists of four directorates, each managed by a member of our Executive Leadership Team, including: 

  • Finance
  • Corporate, Governance and Performance
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Infrastructure Services

Each of these directorates are made up of a number of departments that deliver a range of services to the Moira Shire community. 

2. Our Executive Leadership Team

Michael Tudball
Acting Chief Executive
Beau Mittner
Acting Chief Financial
Amanda Chadwick
Acting Director Corporate,
Governance and
Damien Burton
Acting Director
Matt Jarvis
Acting Director Sustainable

* The substantive role of Matt Jarvis is Chief Financial Officer and Joshua Lewis is Director Infrastructure Services.

3. Our Management Structure

Please note that this page is currently under maintenance.


4. About our Directorates

Below are the areas of responsibility of each of our four Directorates.


  • Finance
    Accounting Services, Financial Management and Reporting, Budgeting, Audit and Assurance, Revenue and Rates Services, Property and Valuation Services.
  • Commercial Services
    Property Management / Leases, Insurance.
  • Economic Development
    Investment, Economic Development, Industrial Estates and Development, Business and Industry Development, Fruit Fly Program.
  • Procurement
    Contracts and Procurement Management.
  • Plant and Fleet
    Plant and Fleet Administration.
  • People and Safety
    Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Learning and Organisational Development, Workplace Health and Safety, Wellbeing, Payroll

Corporate, Governance and Performance

  • Governance and Performance
    Governance Administrative Services, Policy Development, Legal, Legislation, Records Management.
  • Customer Experience
    Customer experience, front reception and counter, call centre and online, process improvement.
  • Information Services
    Information Technology, System Administration, GIS, Desktop Support, business analysts, application support, transformation.

Sustainable Communities

  • Community Wellbeing, Health and Culture
    Community Associations, Wellbeing and Inclusion, Immunisation, Maternal & Child Health, Preschools, Environmental Health, Senior Citizens, Youth Services, Libraries, L2P program, Arts and Culture, Grants, Events, Mosquito Monitor and Christmas decorations / celebrations.
  • Sustainability
    Environment Sustainability, Natural Resources, Waste Management and Street Lighting.
  • Regulatory Services
    School Crossing Supervisors, Local Laws and Domestic Animal Management.
  • Tourism
    Tourism and Visitor Information Centres.

Infrastructure Services

  • Construction and Assets
    Capital Works Project Delivery, Supervision / Design, Asset Management, Design and Construction.
  • Operations
    Flood Response, Operations Administration, Local Roads and Bridges, Roads to Recovery, Street Cleaning, Depots, Private Works, Concreting, Emergency Management and Aerodrome Operations.
  • Building and Planning
    Statutory and Land Use Planning, Development Compliance, Building Control/Management, Building Surveyor and Inspectors.
  • Parks, Recreation and Facilities
    Arborist Service, Parks and Gardens, Raw Water System, Municipal and Civic Buildings Maintenance, Cleaning of Public Amenities, Recreation, Recreation Reserves, Public Halls, Showgrounds, Civic Buildings and Facilities Management.