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Tender Search: Moira's Tendering Platform

1. New tenderers need to register as a new supplier. Registration is free.
2. Log in to Tender Search to view your tender's status
3. View Current Open tenders
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Uploading tenders

Prior to tender closing time it is the tenderers responsibility to ensure their tender response uploads comply with their organisation's IT server and internet capacity / limitations.

We take no responsibility for delays experienced by tenderers due to:

  • their IT server limitations
  • partially uploaded tenders caused by late uploads or
  • their server / internet capacity inability to process large files quickly.

Hardcopy, faxed or late tender and quote submissions will not be received. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

For more information in the use of Tender Search, please contact 1800 836 337.

All questions relating to a particular tender are to be logged through the questions and answers forum in Tender Search