Our policies

Council Policy provides guidance as to our intent on the many functions, activities or services we provide. All policies are regularly reviewed for relevancy to the corporate direction of council.  Current policies adopted by council are listed below.

Achievers Award Assistance Program Policy(PDF, 154KB)

The purpose of the Achievers Award Assistance Program Policy is provide an assistance program to recognise the dedication and efforts of our citizens who, through their ability or initiative, have been selected to participate in a leadership, sporting or cultural event or activity.

Asset Management Policy(PDF, 50KB)

To provide a framework to achieve sustainable asset management, that is based on service delivery needs and integrated into our corporate and financial planning processes.

Building setback Policy(PDF, 43KB)

To provide guidance to determine an appropriate building setback where none is specified in the Planning Scheme; and to ensure development is appropriately located upon land, having regard to the streetscape and general characteristics of the area.

Child Safe Policy(PDF, 121KB)

To comply with State Government mandated Child Safe Standards to protect children from harm, abuse and neglect, to comply with the Child Safety and Wellbeing Standards Act 2005 and to outline our commitment to child safety by creating and maintaining a child safe environment and a child safe workplace.

Community Strengthening Grants Policy(PDF, 205KB)

To provide a Community Strengthening Grants program that enhances the involvement of community organisations in the development of services, management of facilities, coordination of events and promotion of tourism, environmental sustainability and health in the community.

Complaint Handling Policy(PDF, 189KB) & Complaint Handling Procedure(PDF, 433KB)

To ensure that customers can raise their complaints with Council easily and with confidence that we will listen to their concerns, be responsive and handle their complaints fairly and objectively.

Contribution to Fencing Costs Policy(PDF, 42KB)

To outline our responsibilities for contributing toward the cost of fencing between an adjoining property and Council land. 

Councillor Expense, Support and Professional Development Policy(PDF, 67KB)

To recognise the essential support Councillors require to serve, engage and act in the best interests of the community – in the elected representative role as a Councillor.

Development of Policy Documents(PDF, 43KB)

To establish a standard for the development of policy documents, which will contribute to the consistency, clarity and transparency of our decision making processes.

Eligibility for Waiver of Council fees and charges Policy(PDF, 29KB)

To provide a consistent framework for assessing and determining requests or proposals to waive fees and/or charges and provide in kind support in the form of not seeking payment of fees and/or charges.

Financial Hardship Policy(PDF, 37KB)

To provide direction on the assistance available to persons suffering from financial hardship in the payment of their rates and charges.

Fraud Prevention and Control Policy(PDF, 53KB)

To protect public funds and Council property from fraudulent behaviour and outline the measures to be taken by us to prevent and control fraudulent behaviour.

Horse Drawn Vehicle Policy(PDF, 99KB)

To promote and ensure high quality service delivery in the provision of commercial horse drawn vehicle experiences through the provision of clear guidelines.

Kerbside Garbage, Recycling and Organic Collection(PDF, 48KB)

 To provide guidance in the provision of kerbside garbage, recycling and organic collection services, determining collection routes, criteria for exemptions and the application of the associated service charges.

Intervention where Private Building Surveyor is responsible(PDF, 47KB)

To provide direction on how and when Council and its Municipal Building Surveyor will administer and enforce the Building Act 1993 (“the Act”) in relation to complaints where a private building surveyor has been appointed and is responsible to carry out functions under the Act.

Investments and Cash Management(PDF, 195KB)

To outline investment and cash management objectives, approach, policy and guidelines regarding the investment of surplus cash funds, with the objective to maximise earnings within approved risk guidelines and ensure the security of funds.

Loan Borrowings(PDF, 158KB)

The purpose of the Loan Borrowings Policy is to establish objectives and principles that outline when it is appropriate for us to undertake borrowings within a sound financial management framework, and to ensure we operate within the relevant prudential requirements of the Victorian Government as monitored by the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office.

Motor Vehicle Policy(PDF, 42KB)

To provide guidance on the ownerships, selection, usage and cost recovery of motor vehicles.

Performance Reporting(PDF, 42KB)

To define the statutory reporting obligations of Council.

Private Water Assets in Road Reserves(PDF, 46KB)

To provide a framework for Council to approve private ownership of assets installed within road reserves.

Procurement Policy(PDF, 143KB)

To provide framework and policy guidance to the procurement processes undertaken by, or on behalf of Council.

Public Lighting Policy(PDF, 44KB)

To provide guidance in the selection, placement and maintenance of public lighting.

Rates and Charges Policy(PDF, 43KB)

To provide direction on issues involving rates and charges and contribute to the effective management of Council’s financial resources.

Risk Management(PDF, 49KB)

The purpose of this policy is to document Council’s commitment to understand, manage and mitigate the potential risks that Council is exposed to.

Road Closures Policy(PDF, 37KB)

To provide guidance for determining whether to permanently close a road.

Sale of Council Land(PDF, 84KB)

To ensure best practice and statutory compliance is achieved in the sale, exchange and transfer of Council owned land.

Service Recognition of Councillors(PDF, 31KB)

To recognise the contribution made by serving and long serving councillors to our community.

Special Rates and Charges(PDF, 51KB)

To provide guidance on how Council will implement and administer a special rate or special charge.

Sponsorship (outgoing)(PDF, 57KB)

To assist Council to equitably and effectively use sponsorship from Council (outgoing sponsorship) to support the business of Council.

Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Barriers(PDF, 49KB)

To minimise the risk of drowning or near drowning of young children in swimming pools or spas that do not comply with the relevant Building Regulations and to outline the approach Council and the Municipal Building Surveyor will take to achieve compliance of swimming pools and spas.

Waiver or Rebate of Building Permit Fees(PDF, 49KB)

To establish when Council will waive or refund building permit fees.