Apply for a permit

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Council are responsible for issuing many types of permits including disabled parking permits, droving and grazing permits, permits to burn, permits for footpath trading of goods and services (including the sale of raffle tickets). 

Access our application forms below for the different types of permits:

Disabled Parking  

Disabled Persons Parking Permits can be issued to individuals who require it for medical reasons that severely affect mobility. This must be confirmed by your General Practitioner or Specialist.

Visit our Parking & Restrictions page to access the relevant application forms and information.

Permits to burn

For information on how to apply for a permit to burn visit our Permits to burn page. 

Footpath Trading

We have a responsibility to manage activities that have an impact on footpaths by regulating trading activities including the placement of tables and chairs, signs and goods for sale.

For further information on trading on footpaths or to apply for a permit, visit our Footpath trading page.

Street Stalls and Raffles 

Under Councils local laws, it is a requirement for any person or organisation wishing to hold a street stall or raffle stall in a public place to obtain a permit.

Visit our Street Stalls & Raffles page to apply for a permit or for further information

Local Law Permits

These permits may be issued in order to comply with Moira Shire Council's local laws.

Local Law Permit Application(PDF, 175KB)


Visit our Business page for information on permits relating to the operation of a new or established business.