Invest in Moira

Moira Shire is a vibrant and progressive regional municipal in which to live, work and invest.

The region is supported by a variety of industries such as agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing, transport, tourism, health care and social assistance to name a few.

Moira is strategically positioned 3 hours north of Melbourne. The Goulburn Valley highway heading north perpendicularly intersects the Murray Valley highway, which runs along the iconic Murray River, providing access to NSW through the towns of Barmah, Koonoomoo, Cobram and Yarrawonga.

These border-crossings lead you to the Cobb, Newell and Riverina highways in NSW.


How can we help?

We support new and existing businesses by: 

  • providing a business concierge service to help streamline and simplify the regulatory process, offering guidance on permits, licenses and zoning requirements.
  • providing business training and workshops.
  • hosting networking events.
  • awarding business grants through a grant application process, from the Economic Development Project Fund.
  • offering recognition programs such as our business awards.


What sets us apart?

  • Strategic location.
  • Inland beaches, majestic river red gums, wetlands, secret fishing spots and the Murray River (Dhungala) as your backdrop.
  • Economic diversity.
  • Dedication to the continuing improvement of infrastructure.
  • Education institutions.
  • Cultural and recreational amenities.
  • Circular economy initiatives.
  • Community engagement.
  • Historical and archaeological heritage .
  • Civic pride.


See for yourself.


Moira Shire Economic Profile by REMPLAN.


Moira Shire Economic Opportunities Study 2023 - Webpage Tile Image.JPG

Moira Shire Economic Opportunities Study 2023(PDF, 3MB) .


Front Cover of Prospectus.JPG

More in Moira Prospectus(PDF, 73MB)


Industrial land demand.

We are continuously considering options to ensure the provision of developed industrial land across the shire.

Potential industrial land users can help establish the existing unmet demand for industrial land across the shire by emailing our Economic Development team at