Performance Reporting and Community Satisfaction

Community Satisfaction Survey

Each year Local Government Victoria (LGV) coordinates and auspices this State-wide Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey throughout Victorian local government areas. 

Participation in the State-wide Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey is optional.

The main objectives of the survey are to assess the performance of Moira Shire Council across a range of measures and to seek insight into ways to provide improved or more effective service delivery. The survey also provides councils with a means to fulfil some of their statutory reporting requirements as well as acting as a feedback mechanism to LGV.

Most recent survey results:

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Previous survey results:

Know your Council

Know Your Council also provides an opportunity for you to access information on the performance of all councils in Victoria.

The Know your Council website allows you to:

  • benchmark and compare similar councils
  • view detailed profiles of councils
  • view maps of council areas (local government areas) in Victoria
  • find out about how local government works in Victoria in the Guide to Councils

 Find out how we have performed by visiting Know your Council.