Apply for a temporary closure or conduct works in road reserves


Below you can access application forms for temporary closure of roads or to conduct works with a road reserve.

Temporary Road Closures

Temporary Road Closure(PDF, 525KB) - use this form to apply for a road closure no less than 28 days before an event is due to take place.

Working within a road reserve

Consent is required before any occupation, opening or excavation is made in any road or street within the municipality.

For the purpose of Consent to Work Within Road Reserves, a street or road includes everything from fence to fence, such as footpaths, driveways and nature strips.

road reserve.JPG

Consent to Work within road reserves(PDF, 375KB)   - Use this form to apply for works within a road reserve.

The relevant standard drawing is supplied when works are approved. Standard drawings can also be downloaded from the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) at Local Government Infrastructure Design Association

Traffic Management Plan 

Anyone requesting a temporary road closure must have an approved Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and they must ensure it is implemented and managed whilst works are in progress. 

Who is Responsible for a TMP?

The Works or Event Manager must have an approved TMP for the type of activity they are conducting. It is their responsibility to ensure the works are conducted safely for everyone. 

This includes all road users and all persons at the work site such as: 

  • People in Vehicles
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists 
  • Public Transport Operators and Users
  • Contractors and Sub Contractors 
  • Neighbouring Properties



Responsibilities within a TMP

The Works or Event Manager of a road closure must ensure the following items with a TMP: 

  • That an approved TMP is implemented whilst works are in progress 
  • The TMP has an appropriate Traffic Guidance Scheme
  • Any proposal to display, place, remove or alter Traffic Control Devices on a road has an accompanying Memorandum of Authorisation 
  • The treatments shown on the TMP are in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004 current Code of Practice Worksite Safety - Traffic Management 
  • The TMP is prepared by a VicRoads prequalified Traffic Management company, with the appropriate level of accreditation to implement traffic management and to control traffic in the proposed location impacted by the works. 


Who is the right road authority organisation?

Moira shire Council is the coordinating road authority for local residential roads. 

See the link below to the to the Department of Transport & Planning arterial road map to see if any of your proposed works are on a State declared road or a Council road. 

Map of Department of Transport & Planning Roads. 

For works within Council road reservations, the authorisation of the Traffic Management Plan is carried out via a Works in Road Reserve Permit. 

Low impact projects

For projects with no impact on pedestrian, cyclist or motor vehicles traffic: 

  • A generic Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Guidance Scheme is required. 
  • And must be accompanied with a locality Plan EG Google Maps or similar. 

Medium or high impact projects

For medium or high impact projects, or long-term project, the Traffic Management Plan must be specifically prepared for that project and must: 

  • Engage appropriately qualified and trained people to design, implement and manage the TMP. 
  • Arrange for all signs, devices and items shown on the TMP to be installed and removed at the start and finish of each day and "aftercare" arrangements to be implemented when appropriate.

Traffic Management Plans must:

  • Minimise disruption to all traffic, this includes pedestrian and cyclists, public transport and people in neighbouring properties, taking into consideration those with mobility or other impairments 
  • Minimise damage to roads and other infrastructure
  • Conduct works as quickly as possible 
  • Protect and preserve roadside vegetation 
  • Comply with any conditions included on the written permit 

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