Stock crossing


A person who is in charge of movement of livestock on any road does not require a permit under the Community Amenity Local Law but must comply with the following requirements:

(a) all livestock shall reach their destination by the most direct route consistent with the requirements of this Local Law and any direction of an authorised officer;

(b) livestock are only to be on the road for the time it reasonably takes to move them to their destination;

(c) as far as possible, the livestock are moved during daylight hours;

(d) comply with any directions from an authorised officer with regard to:

  (i) the route to be followed; and

  (ii) the protection from damage likely to be caused by livestock to the road, vegetation, protected flora and fauna habitat any construction on the road, road infrastructure or private property.

(e) the livestock are supervised and under effective control by a person who is competent in the management of livestock;

(f) any livestock excretion deposits on the road are removed if required by an authorised officer for prevention of danger to other road users; and

(g) comply with all the requirements of the guidelines prepared by Roads Corporation and referred to in the Road Safety Road Rules 2017.

Consent is required before any opening or excavation is made in any road or street within the municipality.

Council's Assets Department manage all requests for Works Within a Road Reserve.

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