Charges and Levies

Rates and charges are annual payments made by property owners to help council meet the costs of providing services and maintaining assets on behalf of the community. The rates and charges are determined through the annual budget. Rates are set by applying the rate in the dollar set by council against the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of the property.

Rating and Service Charges Strategy 2018-2022

Charges and levies

We have declared the rates and charges in six parts:
1. General Rates
2. Municipal Charge
3. Environmental Levy
4. General Waste Charge
5. Recycling Charge
6. Organic Waste Service

Rates and Charges   2019/2020 FY    2020/2021 FY
General Rates  Refer to table below
Municipal Charge   $348.24  $355.20 
Environmental Levy   $120.00   $120.00
General Waste  $241.50 per bin     $241.50 per bin
Recycling Service   $122.50 per bin  $122.50 per bin
Organic Waste Service      $103.00* per bin     $103.00* per bin

*where applicable

Type of Property   2019/2020 FY  
  2020/2021 FY
General Vacant    0.0070000     0.0068600
General Building    0.0035000       0.0034300
Farm Vacant    0.0035000       0.0034300
Farm Building    0.0035000    0.0034300
Commercial Vacant    0.0070000    0.0068600
Commercial Building    0.0049000    0.0048020
Industrial Vacant    0.0070000    0.0068600
Industrial Building     0.0049000    0.0048020
Rural Residential Vacant     0.0070000    0.0068600
Rural Residential Building        0.0035000    0.0034300
Cultural & Recreational     0.0033950    0.0033271


Do you have any questions? Download our 2020-2021 Rates Notice-Fact Sheet pdf(PDF, 316KB)

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