Receive your Rates Notices by email

It's easy and convenient to receive your Rates Notices direct to your email inbox.

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Simply register your details to receive your notices through email. You can then download, save, print or just leave the notices in your inbox to access and pay on the go.

We are proud to be delivering this notice delivery initiative to move towards a more sustainable future by providing your rates notice via email. (No paper copy will be issued).

This initiative will allow you:

  • to easily access, print and reprint notices,
  • conveniently store notices electronically,
  • receive your notice promptly delivery earlier notice – faster than standard mail,


  • Registration received will take effect for the next Rates Notice issue
  • If you choose to pay your rate account by credit card through eNotices, a merchant surcharge fee of 0.975% is applicable.



How to Subscribe to eNotices

Once you receive your Rates Notice or Payment Reminder Notice, look for the eNotices logo on the bottom of the front page. 

You will have your own individual Reference No. like the example shown below:


When you have your unique Reference Number you are ready to register. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: 

Head to the eNotices website 

Step 2:
Enter your Email Address & eNotices Reference Number and then click Sign Up.

Step 3:
Check your inbox for a verification email from Moira Shire Council called Start Using eNotices.
Note: You may need to check your 'junk' or 'spam' folder. The link will only be valid for 24hrs.

Step 4:
Complete your profile by entering your mobile phone number and password.

That’s it! You will now receive notices in your email inbox, and can login to view them online at any time.

If you haven't received your unique Reference Number

Please call Council on 03 5871 9222 and we can commence the registration for you. Please have your email address and Property Address or Assessment Number with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Notices can I receive via the eNotices portal?

Once registered you will be able to receive your Annual Valuation and Rate Notices and Payment Reminder Notices.

I registered but I didn't receive my validation email?

Please check your junk folder in your email account. If you need further assistance please call (03) 5871 9222.

Could my notice automatically go to my junk/spam folder?

Yes it could, so please check your junk folder in your email account and mark the sender as safe to receive further notices to your inbox.

If I own more than one property, do I need to register each property individually?

Yes, you will need to register each property you own separately.

Can Rates Notices be emailed to more than one property owner?

Yes, once you have registered to receive your Rates Notice via email, you can add additional email addresses for joint property owners to also receive these notices. Select the Emails tab and add your additional eNotices email addresses.

What do I do if I change my email address?

Log on to the eNotices Portal using your existing login details and update your email address under your Profile.

Can I cancel my subscription to the email service?

Yes, you can do this via the eNotices Portal. Update your Delivery Method to 'Post' and we will start sending your notices to the last advised mailing address for the property.

If I have registered to receive more than one notice, how many emails will I receive?

You will receive an email for each registered property – one property, one email, one attachment.

What do I do if I have received someone else’s Rates Notice in error?

Any email received from or on behalf of Moira Shire Council may contain information that is confidential and subject to legal privilege. If you receive a Moira Shire Council email in error, please forward the email including the attachment to then delete the email from your email account. 

If I have changed my postal address, do I need to let Council know?

Yes, Council will only email your Rate Notices and Payment Reminder Notices, all other correspondence from Council will be posted. If the email is undeliverable, we will send a copy to the current postal address we have on file.

Can I change my delivery method back to Post?

You can do this via the eNotices Portal. Click on your Profile and the select the Accounts Tab. Under 'Delivery Method', use the drop down options and select ‘email’ or ‘post’.
Note - when you select ‘Post’, Council will deliver the next issued Rates Notice or Payment Reminder Notice to the current postal address on file. Please contact council if you need to check your postal address on file.

What happens if I sell my property? 
We will update our records so that you don't receive any more Rates notices for that property.

What happens if I buy a new property?
You can register to receive your new notices via the eNotices Portal. Please contact council and we can set up the registration for you or you.

If I pay my rates through eNotices will I have to pay a merchant surcharge fee?
Yes, if you choose to pay your rate account by credit card through eNotices, a merchant surcharge fee of 0.975% is applicable.