Parking and restrictions

Moira Shire Council do not have any paid parking bays. Parking areas that are restricted are designated with a sign indicating time limits, disabled areas, etc. Parking fines are applicable to offending parties and are in accordance with the Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (as amended from time to time). Penalties range from $50 to $200 depending on the nature of offence. Parking is policed throughout our shire and notices will be issued to offenders.

Disabled Persons Parking Permits

A state wide Disabled Person's Scheme has been introduced in Victoria. The Scheme is designed to provide parking concessions to people with significant intellectual and ambulatory disabilities to allow them equality of opportunity to access facilities and services.

If you or a family member has a disability that restricts the distance you can walk or means you require additional space in order to get in and out of a car safely then you may be eligible to obtain a Disabled Persons Parking Permit. Depending on your level of disability you may be entitled to a 6 month permit or a permit for three years. Your doctor is required to complete an approved assessment form if you wish to obtain a Disabled Persons Parking Permit.

There are two types of parking permits available. One which allows you to park in a normal parking bay for twice the normal length of time, the other allows you to park in a larger parking bay. The type of permit you are allocated depends on an assessment of your disability against the guidelines developed by the Municipal Association of Victoria and the peak disability organisations.

To download a Disabled Persons Parking Permit application please click here.

An organisation who regularly transports disabled persons can also apply for a Disabled Parking Permit. Permits will be issued with registration details and are not transferrable to other vehicles. Please click here to download the Disabled Persons Scheme Application for organisations.

Who is eligible?

A person will be eligible for a disabled persons parking permit if:

•A medical practitioner determines that he/she has a significant permanent or temporary (not likely to improve within six months) ambulatory disability such that he/she is incapable of walking
•unaided or unassisted; up a slope of 1:14 ie; a wheelchair ramp and/or up steps or gutters
•if a specialist medical practitioner or clinical psychologist determines that he/she has a significant intellectual disability such that he/she is an extreme danger to himself/herself and others in a public space without continuous attendance by a caregiver.
•intellectual disability also includes autism and ambulatory disability includes visual impairment.


Conditions of use

•The permit must be clearly displayed on the left side of the front windscreen with the expiry date and permit number visible from the outside of the vehicle
•A driver using the permit must either be the permit holder or must be parking the vehicle for the convenience of the permit holder who needs to enter or leave the vehicle.
•A permit is not valid beyond its expiry date or if the expiry date or the permit number is not legible. (For replacement of damaged permits contact your local council for information).
•A person may only hold one permit.
•The parking entitlements applicable to the permits apply anywhere in Victoria. Reciprocal arrangements between states which have been agreed by the Australian Transport Advisory Council also apply.
•The permit remains the property of the issuing council and must be returned within seven days of notification of such return being required.
•When requested by an authorised officer, a driver using a permit must:
•State his/her name and address
•Produce his/her driver's licence
•Produce the relevant valid disabled persons permit
•Show proof that he/she or a passenger in the vehicle is the permit holder, and move the vehicle from the reserved place if the officer deems that the permit is invalid, or, if an authorised officer believes there is insufficient proof that the driver or passenger in the vehicle is the permit holder.
•Provided no other parking restrictions are breached, a vehicle correctly displaying a valid disabled persons parking permit may be either in a parking area or bay designated for use by people with disabilities for the time and parking fee specified for that area, if applicable, or for twice the specified time for any parking area or bay designated for use by classes of persons or classes of vehicles upon payment of the initial parking fee if applicable.


Carers Beware

Did you know that unless the person to whom a permit has been issued leaves the car, you cannot park in a disabled parking bay?

For example, a carer parks in a disabled parking bay and goes to a pharmacy for a prescription, leaving the permit holder in the car. Even though the disabled permit is displayed and the permit holder is in the car, a parking infringement notice can be issued because the Disability Parking Permit Code states that:

 "The permit is issued to the person with the disability. If the carer parks in a disabled parking bay, the person to whom the permit has been issued must leave the car".