What is a Disabled Parking Permit?

If you have a significant disability or injury, you may be eligible for an Accessibility Parking Permit (APP). There are different types of permits which allow you to park in accessible parking bays and/or park in regular bays for double the usual time. 

A state wide online Accessible Parking Permit Scheme has been introduced in Victoria.

The new APP Scheme and online service will provide significant improvements in the administration and enforcement of disability parking, freeing up parking bays for the people who really need them.


What’s changing?

The new APP Scheme aligns with the national Australian Disability Permit Scheme (ADPS) and provides for a consistent process and permit across Victoria.

Many improvements have been made, including:

  • making sure the eligibility criteria for a permit is consistent across the state,
  • allowing occupational therapists to complete assessments, in addition to GPs,
  • introducing a permanent disability classification, so many will no longer have to return for reassessment,
  • increasing the permit length from three years to five years for individuals,
  • providing temporary permits for 6, 12 or 24 months, and
  • a new single permit design to be used across the state.

Centralisation and digitisation of the scheme will reduce the subjectivity of the functional assessment and enable greater ability for councils to enforce the scheme.

A reduction in duplicate and misused permits will occur through system-wide crosschecks and visibility across council boundaries. Councils will now also have state-wide visibility on permits at the parking bay to assist with enforcement.

All existing Moira Shire Council permits will remain valid until they expire.

For more information on the coming changes to disability parking visit vicroads.vic.gov.au/app


Applying online for Accessible Parking Permits

Moira Shire Council is now processing parking permit applications online as part of our adoption of the new state-wide Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Scheme.

Three different parking permits are issued under the APP Scheme:

  • An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit - formerly the Category 1 Blue disabled permit
  • A Double Time (DT) Permit - formerly the Category 2 Green Permit
  • An ADP Organisation Permit – formerly Blue organisation permit

To apply for a permit or renew an existing permit, applicants should:

  1. Start your application online at accessibleparking.vic.gov.au
  2. You’ll receive an application reference number via SMS*
  3. Take your reference number to your GP or occupational therapist
  4. Your GP or occupational therapist will complete an online assessment and submit your application
  5. Your local council will review the application
  6. If your application is successful, you’ll receive your permit in the mail.

*A paper-based version of the application is available if you don’t have access to a mobile phone or the internet. Please contact our customer service team if you require a paper form.

Who Can Apply?