Food Safety


If you are opening, purchasing or selling a food premises, or if you plan to serve food as part of your accommodation premises, there are a number of permits you may need to apply for before you can operate your business. Upon application and payment of an inspection fee, a pre-purchase inspection can be undertaken by an Environmental Health Officer to identify any issues regarding the food premises.

Please note that permits may also be required from Council’s Planning and Building Departments depending on the type of business and the changes you may be making. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all appropriate permits have been obtained.

Food Act New Registration or Renewal

Application form

Class 4 Food Premises

If you are planning to operate a temporary food premises (class 4) such as a community fundraiser, basic sausage sizzle or basic cake stall (no cream), you need to notify council of your activities. (It is an offence to fail to notify your council that you are operating such a food premises).

Mobile or Temporary Food Premises

Food Trader allows businesses and community groups that sell food from stalls and vans to make a registration application, lodge a notification or Statement of Trade and manage information. This can be done anytime day or night with no need to go to the Council office. Once your application has been accepted by Council you can trade anywhere in Victoria.

  1. Register your temporary and mobile food premises

  2. For further information email or call 03 5871 9222.


Current registration fees can be provided upon application.  This applies to

  • Business selling high risk foods 
  • Business selling low risk foods  
  • Community groups    

Transfer of registration fees are 50% of the annual registration fee.
Pre-purchase inspections are charged at 50% of the annual registration fee.

Additional information may be provided about food premises and food safety including

  • Inspection of premises
  • Complaints
  • Food labelling matters
  • Random sampling of products.  This ensures compliance with the Food Act and Food Standards Code.
  • Education seminars and advice to proprietors
  • Any other general enquiries

The Environmental Health team at council can assist you with information regarding food premises within the municipality. 

Further information can be found on the Department of Health website.