Community Vision

 The ‘Moira 2035’ Community Vision was prepared in accordance with section 88 of the Local Government Act 2020 and Council’s Community Engagement Policy. The vision describes the community’s aspirations for the future of the municipality. 

A Project Team was established and worked with a consultant to undertake the development of the Community Vision and supported the process through community consultation and recruitment of a diverse and inclusive Community Panel.

The Community Vision was adopted by Council on 27 October 2021.

Community-Vision-Final.png(PDF, 1MB)

Central Statement - #moira2035

In 2035 the Moira Shire is a connected, healthy, educated and inclusive community of towns, regions, businesses and natural spaces including the best features of the Murray River. We have a sustainable lifestyle which protects the environment and enables business opportunities. Our Shire celebrates our cultural and indigenous heritage and embraces our future as a community in which to live, visit and stay. Our community is enabled and supported by a progressive, consultative, accountable, transparent and responsive Council.

Healthy, Connected Communities

In 2035 our community of Moira Shire is active and interconnected with a strong network of local mental, physical and holistic health services, businesses and providers. Embracing our community groups supports and promotes a healthy and thriving population.

Prosperous Economy

In 2035 our Council supports business development, innovation and diversification of our economy. Our workforce and community are engaged, with Council supporting self-sufficiency in retail, and agriculture, tourism and industry to be major drivers of our economy. Educational, employment and tertiary opportunities are maximised for our community.

Sustainable Growth

In 2035 we live in a well-planned, inclusive and family friendly community. We value our diverse heritage and support sustainable growth through green initiatives that enhance our biodiverse natural environment. Our environment is curated and protected to encourage visitors and residents to appreciate and preserve it. We are well connected through communication, technology, logistics, transport and infrastructure.

Country Lifestyle

In 2035 the Moira Shire is a welcoming, safe and supportive community and destination with a relaxed interconnected country lifestyle and an abundance of sunshine, clean air and open space. We celebrate a range of leisure, recreation and cultural activities using our diverse natural landscapes, lakes and waterways within the shire.

Community Consultation Feedback