Naming of roads and features


1. Overview

Council has responsibility as a Naming Authority under the Geographic Place Names Act 1998 (the Act) for the naming of public roads, features and localities in the Moira Shire municipal district and is committed to ensuring that names used comply with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria.

Anyone in the community can propose a new name for a road, feature or locality for future use or propose renaming of an existing name. To be accepted by Council a new name, or a change of an existing name, must be compliant with the principles set out in the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria and Council's Geographic Naming Policy. 

New road names for plans of subdivision are the responsibility of the developer and will be considered as part of the planning process. The process for new subdivisions is set out in the Geographic Naming Policy. When submitting road names for compliance checking to Council, developers are strongly encouraged to use the Geographic Names Road Name History form.  Developers are also encouraged to contact Council if they require assistance with selecting names for a development.

If you have a query that relates to naming of roads and features, please contact us on (03) 5871 9222 or email us at

2. Submit a Naming Proposal

Our Naming Proposal form can be used to propose a name for an existing or future road or feature (such as a park or reserve) in the Moira Shire.  Any name proposals received must comply with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria and Council's Geographic Naming Policy and may require community consultation before being approved for use for a future or existing road or feature.

Council may need to contact you for further information before it can consider the proposal.

To submit a Naming Proposal, please fill in the online form below or download and complete our printable form.(PDF, 667KB)

Contact Details
Your details are required so that we can contact you about your proposal.
Naming Proposal
What is the theme of this proposed name

Detail the history and background of the name and include any source material, references and images. For naming after a person you must include the full name of the person, gender, birth/death dates, education, occupation, achievements, community contribution and link to the existing/proposed location. Attach extra pages if required.
If proposal is to rename an existing road/feature
Please complete if proposal is to rename an existing road/feature. Renaming will only be considered if it can be demonstrated that the proposal is being made in the community’s best interest.
If renaming, what is the location of the existing road / feature and what is the extent of the change (i.e. if a road please indicate if this is proposed for only one section and the start and end points.) If proposing a new name for future use, please specify location you would like name considered for use.
Have you checked the name for compliance with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria? * (required)

Consultation and Consent
Do you have any evidence of community support for the proposed name? * (required)

If the proposed name is to commemorate an individual, do you have consent from any family member/s? * (required)

If the proposed name is of indigenous heritage or language, do you have consent from any Registered Aboriginal Parties?

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Collection Statement below this form and I consent to being contacted if required.

Collection notice

Council is collecting personal information on this form for naming of roads and features in the Moira Shire in accordance with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria. The information collected will be used for road and feature naming in the shire and/or a directly related purpose and your personal information will be used to contact you about your proposal. If you do not provide the information required, we may not be able to consider your proposal.   Your proposal may be included in the official Council Agenda and Minutes which are public documents, and may be made available to the public through community engagement processes and provided to Geographic Names Victoria Council may also disclose your information if required or authorised to do so by legislation.

You can find out more about how we use and protect your information by viewing our Privacy Statement.

3. Access the VICNAMES database

VICNAMES is the state's official Register of Geographic Names.  The VICNAMES database allows you to search all registered and recorded place names in Victoria. It is used to:

  • assist with ensuring a proposed name is not a duplicate.
  • provide details on the location and extent of Geographical features, roads and localities.
  • record or find historical information on a name.

It is free to search place names and members of the public are welcome to submit historical information (subject to approval) via the VICNAMES website, by email to or by contacting Council.