Access at a Glance


Businesses within Moira Shire Council are invited to be part of the initiative Access at a Glance – Sticker Program which aims to recognise local business for their accessibility and to help people find venues and businesses that meet their accessibility needs.

Moira Shire Council has partnered with Intereach Ability Links to deliver this program that provides businesses with an assessment on how accessible and inclusive they are and rewards businesses with complimentary on-site accessibility stickers.

The assessment takes approximately five minutes and it is free to participate.

There are 15 internationally recognised stickers available for people to display on their shop fronts, depicting what access is available. 

The stickers will show locals and tourists visiting the area businesses that are wheel chair friendly through to locations where there are darker calm, quiet locations that could help people who have a sensory disability. 

The program also provides educational resources that give options that could make life easier for people with a disability or accessibility issues. 

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