Forms and applications

We are responsible for the issuing of permits ranging from droving and grazing to permits to burn and sale of raffle tickets.

Forms are downloadable below, please call us if you have any queries.

Application for Immunisation Record(PDF, 162KB) - use this form when requesting copies of immunisation records for individuals that have been immunised through a Moira Shire Council immunisation service.

Application for installation or alteration to septic tank system(PDF, 228KB) - use this form to arrange a septic tank.

Application for Registration - Renewal of food premises(PDF, 134KB)  - use this form to apply to register a food premises.

Application to register animal form(PDF, 150KB) - use this form when registering a dog / cat for the first time. If you would like more information visit the Registering your pet page.

Building forms - Once you have spoken with the building team and it has been determined which building form applies to your situation, click here to download your options.

Change of details - Click here to be redirected to our online portal to advise of these address / name changes.

Direct Debit Request(PDF, 316KB)  - use this form to arrange a debit from your nominated bank account of any amount Moira Shire Council has deemed payable by you. Use this form(PDF, 299KB) to change direct debit payments.

Disabled Persons Parking Permit Application - Individual(PDF, 170KB) - these permits may be issued only for a medical necessity that severely affects mobility. This judgement is entirely with your General Practitioner (GP.) Click here to find out more information. *We now provide you with an online service that your GP can log in to and apply for these permits whilst you are in their medical office.

Disabled Persons Parking Permit - Organisation - these permits may be issued to eligible organisations transporting individuals who are unable to manage the use of individual permits.

(PDF, 47KB)Local Law Permit Application(PDF, 47KB)  - these permits may be issued in order to comply with Moira Shire Council's local laws.

Memorials and Plaques Application Form(PDF, 419KB) - use this form to submit a request for a Memorial or Plaque in accordance with our Memorials and Plaques Policy.

Hire of Buildings

Hire of Park(PDF, 274KB) - if you are would like to conduct an event on a Council park please complete this form.

Invite a Councillor to your event -  click here to invite a Councillor to your event.

(PDF, 726KB)Keeping of Animals - Application Renewal(PDF, 119KB) - This form can be downloaded to request a permit to house additional animals.

Pensioner Concession Assistance Scheme - there are a range of concessions that are available to those Victorians who are on low incomes or experiencing hardship and need help meeting the cost of living. Click here(PDF, 118KB) to download the Municipal Rates Concession Application Form.

Single Farm Exemption  - where multiple parcels of farm land are used to operate a single farming enterprise, a person may only be required to pay the fixed charge / municipal charge once by applying for the single farming enterprise exemption.


Street trading/collections/raffles(PDF, 67KB) - use this form to apply for a permit trading of goods and services on a footpath / road reserve.


Temporary road closure(PDF, 257KB) - use this form to apply for a road closure no less than 28 days before an event is due to take place.

Works within road reserve(PDF, 374KB)  - consent is required before any occupation, opening or excavation is made in any road or street within the municipality. For the purpose of Consent to Work Within Road Reserves, a street or road includes everything from fence to fence, such as footpaths, driveways and nature strips. The relevant standard drawing is supplied when works are approved. Standard drawings can also be downloaded from the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) at Local Government Infrastructure Design Association. Use this form to apply for Works within road reserve.