Municipal Pension Concession

The Victorian Government funds a range of concessions for people on low incomes, in recognition of their reduced capacity to pay for essential services that are provided by State and Local Government. The concessions on Local Government rates and charges, levied on the sole or principle place of residence, are intended to assist pensioner home owners with the cost of home ownership.

A Rate Concession is available to Pensioners, War Widows and returned Serviceman on War Pension who are totally and permanently incapacitated. Proof of eligibility is provided by Pensioner Concession Cards (from both the Department of Social Security and Department of Veteran's Affairs) and Personal Treatment Entitlement Cards marked "War Widow" or "TPI".

The concession does not apply to Health Care Card holders.

Eligible pensioners may be entitled to a reduction of up to 50 per cent of the General Rates Levy, with a maximum concession of $253.20 in the 2023/24 financial year. A further $50 concession is also granted on the Fire Services Property Levy Fixed Charge.

Municipal Rates Concession Application Form(PDF, 180KB)

If you have any further queries in regards to Pension Concession, please visit Department Health and Human Services