Municipal Charge

The Municipal charge is the same set rate for every property in the shire. The Municipal charge revenue helps fund governance related services and helps spread the cost of providing Council services across all property owners.
The municipal charge for the 2022/2023 financial year is $367.00

Ratepayers can apply to council for an exemption of the municipal charge following these conditions:

  • The person/s must have more than one rate assessment
  • The properties must be a single farm enterprise(PDF, 645KB)
  • The properties must be occupied by the same person/s for the purposes of managing / running a single farm enterprise
  • The property must be in excess of two hectares and
  • The property must contain only one residence.

If you are satisfied that all of the above conditions apply to your situation, an application form can be obtained by contacting Council. Applications must be lodged before 31 March each year.