Benefits of Pet Registration

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Benefits of pet registration

There are many benefits in registering your dog or cat with Council.  This includes:

  • An identification tag for your pet.  The tag number will identify your pet to Council if your pet is found wandering thereby resulting in a quicker return home;
  • Response to dog attacks;
  • The collection of stray dogs and cats and feral cats;
  • The provision of off leash dog areas;
  • Provide a rehoming program for unclaimed dogs and cats;
  • Monitoring of ‘Dangerous dogs’, ‘Menacing dogs’ and ‘Restricted Breed dogs’ who reside in our area;
  • Monitoring of Domestic Animal Businesses such as Breeding facilities, Boarding facilities and Pet Shops in our area to ensure that they comply with the relevant Code of Practice;
  • Response to nuisance dog complaints;
  • Operate a safe pound facility;
  • Training of Authorised officers;
  • Participate in a subsidised National Desexing Network program for cats; and
  • State Government education programs and research into dog and cat welfare.

For further information on the benefits of pet registration visit Animal Welfare Victoria.