Memorials and Plaques

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Council recognises that members of the community may wish to publically commemorate the life of a deceased person, a group of people, association or event through the provision of a memorial or plaque.

As a general principle, memorial gardens, cemeteries and private properties are considered the most appropriate places for the erection of memorials. However, it is recognised that in some circumstances, events or people of outstanding significance may be appropriately commemorated by a public plaque or memorial.

Council is committed to minimising the risks and environmental impact of memorials and plaques and ensure that public open spaces serve their intended purpose and do not become dominated by memorials.

Council's Memorials and Plaques Policy provides a framework for the approval, installation and management of community requests for memorials and plaques that publically commemorate the life of a deceased person, a group of people, association or event on land owned and managed by Moira Shire Council.

Read the Memorials and Plaques Policy

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