Concession, Exemption and Direct Debit forms


Municipal Rates Concession

There are a range of concessions that are available to those Victorians who are on low incomes or experiencing hardship and need help meeting the cost of living, including municipal rates. To apply for a concession on municipal rates use the form below.

Municipal Rates Concession Application form(PDF, 180KB)

For information on the range of concessions available visit the

Single Farm Enterprise Exemption 

Where multiple parcels of farm land are used to operate a single farming enterprise, a person may only be required to pay the fixed charge / municipal charge once by applying for the single farming enterprise exemption. Click here for more information.

Single Farm Enterprise Application(PDF, 645KB)

Direct Debit forms

To arrange a direct debit from your nominated bank account of any amount Moira Shire Council has deemed payable by you please use the below form.

Direct Debit Request Application(PDF, 225KB)

Direct Debit Change to Payment Arrangements(PDF, 299KB)