Customer Service Charter

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Our Commitment to You

Moira Shire Council is committed to providing quality service to its customers and has provided the following details on how you as a customer can access our services and the standard of service you can expect to receive.
Our aim is to ensure that you will receive quality service by:

  • adopting a courteous and friendly approach and being professional in both our attitude and our actions;
  • ensuring that our services, resources and information are accessible;
  • identifying ourselves in all dealings with you by wearing identification at all times when on duty;
  • providing opportunities for you to comment or make suggestions about our services;
  • treating your dealings with Council with the utmost discretion and confidentiality;
  • providing information which is timely, accurate and comprehensive taking into account confidentiality, Freedom of Information and Privacy issues that may be involved; and
  • keeping you informed about Council policies, decisions, actions, services and facilities.

Service Standards

If the promised level of service is not provided, appropriate steps will be taken to remedy the situation and improvement opportunities will be implemented.


Your Requests

All requests received from our customers, including complaints will be recorded.

You will be given the option to receive a reference number and assigned to an appropriate department.

Staff will attempt to contact all customers to provide details of the progress and outcome of their request within 24 hours.


By Telephone

We will answer all calls promptly and try to resolve inquiries immediately.

When transferring your call to the relevant department, we will introduce the call providing your name and other relevant details.

We will ensure that each department has staff available for enquiries during business hours.

Telephone messages will be responded to as soon as practicable or within 24hrs.

We will provide an automated after hours telephone service including the ability to transfer to on-call officers in cases of emergency.

Customer Requests

All requests received from our customers, including complaints, will be recorded into our Customer Request System.

All requests will be given a reference number and assigned to an appropriate department.

Staff will attempt to contact all customers to provide details of the progress and outcome of their request.

Corporate Web Site

We will provide a comprehensive website for our customers and ensure that all information is correct and relevant at the time of publication.

We will provide online services via our website for customers to pay their accounts or lodge a service request.

Written Correspondence

Written correspondence including faxes will be responded to within 10 business days.

We will respond to emails within 3 business days.

A contact name, phone/fax number and email address will be included on all outgoing correspondence.

An 'out of office' auto reply email will alert customers of a staff member who is unavailable during a nominated period.

How you can help us

You can assist Council in meeting its customer service standards by:

  • providing complete, accurate and detailed information including your full name and contact details when making a request. (You may remain anonymous but Council will be unable to contact you);
  • providing clear details of your request including location;
  • focusing on the facts of your request to provide us with a clear understanding of the issue;
  • treating our staff with courtesy and respect; and
  • providing us with feedback so we can deliver better services.

Improving our service

Moira Shire Council is committed to continuous service improvement.

If you feel that our service standards have not been met, please contact Council using one of our nominated contact methods and an appropriate investigation will be conducted.

This will help Council to monitor and report our performance.