Playgrounds In Moira Shire

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Moira Shire has a variety of playgrounds for your enjoyment. 

You can use the search function below to look for playgrounds by town, feature or keyword. 


To help you choose your next adventure, our playgrounds fall into one of three main categories: 

Regional Playgrounds

These play spaces are generally larger, or with a specific target user group and they are surrounded by a high level of supporting infrastructure such as toilets, picnic areas, BBQ's etc.

Town Playgrounds

These play spaces may be small or large and are surrounded by supporting infrastructure such as toilet facilities, BBQ's etc.

Local Playgrounds

Local play spaces are small parks generally in residential areas that may have supporting infrastructure like seating but they do not have major infrastructure like toilets.

This page is a work in progress so not all of our playgrounds are listed yet. We are working towards adding the regional and town level parks first. Due to the large number of local playgrounds they may not all be listed here, so keep an eye out for these ones when you are wandering around your neighbourhood.

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