Building checklists

A further amendment to the Act will commence 1 July 2019.  These changes will affect every person who applies for a building permit, however, we are working toward a smooth transition. 

The change is that –

Before a building permit is issued by the Relevant Building Surveyor (Municipal Building Surveyor or Private Building Surveyor) they must first obtain a Building Permit Number (BPN) from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) through the following process -

  1. When you apply for a permit the fees normally charged will no longer include a levy amount
  2. The RBS must apply to the VBA through Building Activity Management System (BAMS) for a building permit number for a proposed building permit.  This will increase councils administration processing times for each permit applied for and if any “required information” is not provided at the time of application, your permit issue will be delayed.  The RBS must provide:
    1. all information required by the VBA for a building permit number application;
    2. the estimated cost of the proposed building work; and
    3. an estimate of the amount of building permit levy payable.
  3. The applicant for a building permit, or person acting on their behalf, must pay the VBA directly the amount of building permit levy calculated before a building permit is issued.  BAMS will send an email to the nominated person directing them to make payment through a secure payment gateway.  It is imperative that when you are notified that payment is required that you process the request as soon as possible in order for a permit number to be issued by the VBA.
  4. A building permit number will only be issued by the VBA (via BAMS) to the relevant building surveyor after the levy payment has been received by the VBA from the nominated payer.  The VBA will issue (or refuse to issue) a building permit number within five business days.

While we will ensure that all of the required data/documents are submitted with the VBA (who intend to have this process completed within 5 days following the payment of the levy) your processes and timelines may need to be adjusted to allow for some potential delays.