Fire Services Property Levy

Moira Shire ratepayers will receive their rate notices from the end of July each year, which will include the Fire Services Property Levy, collected by Council on behalf of the State Government.

Following a recommendation from the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission the Fire Services Levy was removed from insurance premiums from 1 July 2013 and instead collected with council rates. All funds collected by Councils go to supporting Victoria's fire services. Prior to July 1, 2013 the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Country Fire Authority were funded by a Fire Services Levy that insurance companies applied to building and contents insurance premiums. The Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission found this unfair with some people contributing more than their fair share and others not contributing at all.

To ensure that the levy is fair, contributions will be based on a property's value. A fixed charge for residential and non-residential properties will apply as well as a variable cost. The variable cost is calculated depending on the type of property you own and its capital improved value. There will be a $50 concession (only one per property) for holders of pensioner concession cards and Department of Veterans' Affairs gold cards (TPI - Totally and Permanently incapacitated and War Widows) on their principal place of residence. This will be administered in the same way as the rates concession.

While insurance premiums, including any Fire Services Levy imposed by the insurer, are subject to stamp duty and GST there will be no stamp duty or GST on the Fire Services Property Levy and the Government will forgo this "tax-on-tax" component.

How is Fire Services Property Levy calculated?

The calculation of the Fire Services Levy is as follows:

Fixed charge + Capital Improved Value x Variable Rate below)

Example: $113.00 + ($230,000 x 0.000054 = $15.18) = $125.42

Property owners who currently receive a concession on their rates will automatically receive a $50 rebate. The variable cost is calculated depending on the type of property you own, its capital improved value (CIV) and which fire service covers your area. The variable levy rates are:

Land Use Classification

Fixed Charge

CFA Variable Rates
(cents per $1,000 of Capital Improved Value)



5.4 cents



61.1 cents



87.9 cents

Primary production


19.0 cents

Public benefit


5.4 cents

Vacant (excluding residential)


11.8 cents


If you have any further queries in regards to this, please visit Fire Services Property Levy website.