Fire Services Property Levy

As of 1 July 2013, the Victorian Government has replaced the existing insurance-based fire services levy with a property-based levy, as recommended by the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

What is the Fire Services Property Levy?

The Fire Services Property Levy is collected on your property Valuation and Rate notice on behalf of the State Government and consists of two items:

  1. FSPL Fixed Charge of $117 for residential and $238 for non-residential properties; and
  2. FSPL Variable Levy, which is calculated by multiplying the CIV of your property by the variable levy rate applicable to that property’s land use classification.

For more information visit the State Revenue Services Office website

How is my Fire Services Property Levy calculated?

The calculation of the Fire Services Levy is as follows:

Fixed charge + Capital Improved Value x Variable Rate below)

Example: $117.00 + ($230,000 x 0.000053 = $12.19) = $129.19

The variable cost is calculated depending on the type of property you own, its capital improved value (CIV) and which fire service covers your area. The variable levy rates are:

Land Use Classification

Fixed Charge

CFA Variable Rates
(cents per $1,000 of Capital Improved Value)



5.3 cents



60.5 cents



83.6 cents

Primary production


17.0 cents

Public benefit


5.9 cents

Vacant (excluding residential)


12.0 cents


If you have any further queries in regards to this, please visit Fire Services Property Levy website.  

Am I entitled to a pensioner concession?

If you hold a current pension concession card or an eligible Veteran Affairs card, you will receive a $50 concession off the FSPL for your principal place of residence.