Change of details

Any changes to your contact details or personal details must be provided to council in writing. You can send us an email with the details or you can submit our online form:

 online form email


Change of Name

If your name has changed from Council's records, please provide us with supporting documentation of the change, such as marriage certificate or birth certificate etc.

Change of Tenant

If your rates are addressed to a tenant who is no longer responsible for paying the rates, please notify Council in writing with the details, including:

  1. Property address
  2. Current tenant and mailing address
  3. New tenant and mailing address and
  4. Contact phone number.

Change of Ownership

When ownership of a property changes, liability for the payment of rates and charges remains with the owner recorded in Council records until Council receives a Notice of Acquisition / Disposition from the vendor, solicitor or conveyancer. Failure to submit a notice within one month of a transfer may result in substantial penalties to vendors.