Information for Dads


A child’s welfare and development benefits when fathers take an active and positive role in the care and nurturing of their families.

Here are some resources to support dads in their important role:

Topic      Links
Congratulations you're a dad  

New Baby Manual for Dads

Blogs and Websites

Best Aussie Daddy Bloggers Down Under



What Were We Thinking?

Men's Health Resources 

Raising Children - Fathers

Men's Line Australia

Beyond Blue

How is Dad going?

Beyond Blue - Improve your understanding of anxiety and depression and take action

Beyond Blue - Dad's Handbook - A Guide to the first 12 Months

Tweedle - Parent Resources

Breastfeeding Information for fathers

Especially for partners

We're in this together... the breastfeeding partnership

Family Violence Support and Services          

No To Violence Men's Referral Service

Men's Behaviour Change Program


Men at Birth - edited by David Vernon

The Dad Factor - by Richard Fletcher

What Happens Now? - by Nick Carr