Registration and Inspection of Swimming Pools and Spas

Owners of existing swimming pools and spas will need to register their pool or spa with Council by 1 November 2020 or within 30 days after completion if their pool or spa is under construction. 

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Registration and Inspection

Register your pool or spa

Complete the online registration form and pay the fees.

Please allow Council's Building Department 7-10 working days to process Registration and to send the acknowledgement letter.

Registration Fees: $35.10


Information provided by Council

After you’ve registered your relocatable or permanent pool or spa, you will receive a letter from Council confirming details of when your pool or spa was constructed, the applicable barrier standard that the safety barrier must comply with and the due date for lodgement of the certificate of compliance.

As a guide, the following table outlines the dates and timelines (dependent on the construction date of your swimming pool or spa) that certification documentation is to be provided: 

Construction date of
swimming pool or spa
Date that the first certificate of compliance
will need to be submitted
Before 30 June 1994 1 June 2022
1 July 1994 - 1 May 2010 1 June 2023
1 May 2010 - 1 November 2020 1 June 2024
Relocatable pool or spa Within 30 days of registration
After 1 November 2020 Within 30 days after receiving the Certificate of Final
Inspection / Occupancy Permit relevant to the pool / spa


Book an Inspection of your Barrier

Once your swimming pool/spa has been registered with Council, you must arrange an inspection to ensure the safety barrier around your pool/fence meets the required standard.

Read more about Inspection & Compliance on the Victorian Building Authority website.

An inspection of your pool or spa barrier can be carried out by:

  • a registered building surveyor or building inspector
  • any registered building practitioner whose registration authorises the carrying out of inspections of pools or spa, including the associated barriers.

Note: If you construct a pool or spa after 1 June 2020, the registered building surveyor who conducts a mandatory inspection following the construction of a pool or spa barrier can also conduct the inspection and issue a certificate of barrier compliance.

Inspection Fees: $485.00 which includes the lodgement fee of your Certificate of Barrier Compliance


Demolished or Decommissioned Pools and Spas 

If you have demolished or decommissioned your pool or spa you will also be required to book an inspection and pay the fees.

Inspection Fees: $181.90


Lodge Certificate of Barrier Compliance

This option is only applicable for barriers that were inspected by a Private Building Surveyor

On receipt of the Certificate of Barrier Compliance from your Building Surveyor, the landowner is to lodge the certificate with Council and pay the lodgement fee.

Please note that the landowner of a property containing a permanent or relocatable swimming pool or spa will be required to undertake Steps 3 & 4 every four years.

Lodgement Fees: $22.50