Fencing requirements are regulated by the Fences Act 1968.  The Act contains rules about who pays for a dividing fence, the type of fence to be built, notices that neighbours need to give one another and how to resolve disputes that come up.

Further information and advice is available from Dispute Settlement Victoria

*Note: Council does not administer the Fences Act; this section is provided for information only.

Fencing between Neighbours

Usually the cost of the fence is divided equally between the adjoining neighbours. A Notice to Fence is a document that can be issued by you or a fencing contractor to your neighbour asking them to share the cost or repairs of fencing.

What if I don't know my neighbours?

Council may be able to provide you details for neighbouring properties if you can’t find the owner (ie the land next to you is vacant) and you need to send your neighbour a fencing notice if:

  • you have made reasonable inquiries to locate the owner; and
  • Council is satisfied the details will be used for a fencing notice

Please complete the Request for adjoining property owners details application form.(PDF, 104KB)

What if my property adjoins Council land?

Council may contribute half of the cost of the construction and/or replacement of a standard fence abutting Council-owned properties.

Council must be provided with three written quotes and their approval must be obtained prior to any repair and/or replacement of fences. Council will not consider contribution after works are commenced or completed.

Fencing Policy(PDF, 700KB)

Half cost fencing is not available when:

  • Properties are adjacent to road reserves, laneways, reserves or parks.

  • Properties are adjacent to particular types of Crown land.

  • Properties are not owned by Council (e.g. highway reservations and land controlled by Regional Roads Victoria).