Arts and culture in Moira

We are committed to improving the liveability and actively shaping the future for our residents through arts and culture activities and programs.

Our role is to:

  • Identify and develop opportunities for arts and culture programs, events and tourism shire-wide
  • Work with existing arts and culture groups to enhance access to and enjoyment of programs and activities
  • Create new networks that bring together community groups as well as encourage the formation of new groups
  • Engage with local schools to raise the profile of community arts and culture
  • Seek out funding to support new and existing arts and culture initiatives.

Some key initiatives include:

  • Arts and Culture Strategy 2020 -26
  • Arts and Culture grants
  • Supporting events including Harmony Day, Reconciliation Day and NAIDOC Week
  • Manage the various activities in the Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre.


Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-26:

The Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-26 has been developed using surveys, cultural mapping, community engagement and consultation. We have relied on research conducted at state and federal levels to inform our goals, and to capitalise on funding opportunities as they arise

 There are five principles within the Strategy, namely:

  • Stimulation of creativity;
  • Aesthetic enrichment;
  • Generation of new knowledge and insight;
  • Appreciation of cultural diversity; and
  • Strengthening connections to shared heritage.

Actions to achieve these five principles include:

  • Work with artists and cultural organisations to support educational opportunities and quality activities to provide connections with shared cultural heritage that also increase creativity and celebrate diversity;
  • Promote ongoing development of a vibrant arts sector which will provide opportunities, activities and events that meet the respective needs of, and forge connections between, our artistic and broader communities;
  • Partner with our First Nations people to identify and support opportunities to promote and develop artistic and cultural expression and industry;
  • Provide the mechanisms to ensure the economic benefit of cultural and artistic activity across the shire is maximised; and
  • Promote the intrinsic value of artistic and cultural endeavour through implementation of appropriate mechanisms to fund, evaluate and develop creative industries across the shire.

Please click here to view a copy of the Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-26.