Native plants in your backyard

Selecting native plant species specific to our area for your garden, backyard or rural property has so many benefits, both for you and your environment.

  • Native species are relatively low maintenance, require less water (especially when generous amounts of mulch is applied) and can be cheaper to purchase
  • They can have a huge impact on the amount of wildlife attracted to our area, providing food and shelter, especially to birds, butterflies and lizards
  • They are beautiful and functional
  • Native plants are our heritage - we can help preserve them 

Always remember to select native plants that will work in our area, just because they are native to Australia does not mean they will work all over our country.

Check out these guides to find species suitable for your garden.

Landscape_Guide_Plant_Guide.pdf(PDF, 13MB)

Landscape_Guide_Weeds.pdf(PDF, 601KB)

Leave fallen logs, branches, sticks and leaves on the ground

As well as planting native species, there are also many benefits to leaving the ground storey alone on any property for land and soil health and native habitat for wildlife. So avoid 'cleaning-up' and contribute to an overall healthier environment.

Check out 'The Ground Storey' booklet for some great information as well as case studies.

The Ground Storey.JPG(PDF, 6MB)