Collaborative Effort Resolves Water Supply Issue in Victoria Park

Published on 04 December 2023


In a collaborative effort to address a water supply issue in the Victoria Park precinct, Yarrawonga, Council and North East Water have been working closely to implement a sustainable solution.

The supply of raw water to the precinct is a key element in the associated integrated water management plan, supplementing supply when other water sources aren’t available.

Whilst the plan is continuing to be developed, the overall objective is to maximise the sustainable use of water resources, including the reuse of stormwater from nearby residential developments.

Council’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Michael Tudball, expressed gratitude for the developed solution. He stated, "We're thankful for the solution that North East Water has developed, which involves the supply of raw water from the Murray River when other water sources are not available."

Mr. Tudball further commented, "I understand that assured water supply to the Victoria Park precinct has been a long-standing matter, and am pleased to see this resolved, enabling all community groups reliant on the supply of water to continue with their day-to-day activities."

North East Water’s Managing Director, Jo Murdoch, echoed the sentiment, stating, "We're pleased to partner with Council and Goulburn Murray Water and have assisted Council and the community as best as we can. This solution will form part of the broader integrated water management plan for Victoria Park, and we look forward to further steps towards fully implementing the plan."

The water supply solution for Victoria Park comes at a timely juncture, given the projected El Niño weather patterns. Council extends its appreciation to North East Water for this solution and acknowledges the essential services they provide to the residents on the eastern portion of the municipality.

This collaborative effort emphasises the commitment of both Council and North East Water to ensure the sustainable and reliable supply of water to vital community spaces. The resolution of this long-standing issue marks a positive step forward in enhancing the functionality and resilience of the Victoria Park precinct.


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