Flood and Disaster Recovery surveys

Surveys closing 31 July 2023, 04:00PM and 31 August 2023, 04:00PM


Local government plays a critical role in helping communities recover after an emergency. Moira Shire was impacted by the 2022 Flood Event and has now moved into recovery stage.

Emergencies such as floods can bring people together and lead to a great sense of community spirit, however, can also be a traumatic experience for those impacted. 

We are here to support the whole community throughout the recovery, to connect our residents with the services they need and assist them in understanding and accessing all the resources available to them.

Council already has a range of support and resources you can access, however, we would like to hear from our flood impacted residents to help us better understand the needs of the community as we recover from the 2022 Flood Event and prepare for any future events.

Access support and resources

Current Surveys open

2022 Flood Event Recovery Survey - closed 31 July 2023

Council undertook a community survey around the October 2022 Flood Event. This survey is targeted at Moira Shire residents who were impacted by this event. The results of the survey will help Council to understand how prepared the community is for flood events, what are we doing well currently, what results are we getting, where are we seeing success and what we can do better. 

These results will be used to guide future disaster recovery planning,  analyse current flood and disaster recovery methods, establish baseline metrics and assess competency of utilised practices.   A further survey will be conducted in 2024. 

Disaster Recovery Older Residents Survey - closed 31 August 2023

Council conducted a survey to help better understand the concerns, needs and communication preferences of our older residents (over 65 years of age) during the emergency and recovery phases of a disaster.  

This survey is being undertaken in partnership with an RMIT student studying a Master of Disaster, Design and Development. The results will be used by the RMIT student to develop a community engagement framework around disaster recovery, which will eventually inform a Council recovery document and assist Council future planning for community disaster recovery, mitigation, preparations works and approaches.