Draft Community Vision - We want to hear your feedback

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This consultation is now closed. Council adopted its Community Vision on 27 October 2021.

To view Councils community vision click here.

Have your say on our draft community vision for Moira 2035 

Moira Shire Council is engaging our local community to articulate a long-term community vision – #Moira2035. This vision will depict your aspirations for life in Moira Shire.

Community review and feedback

You are invited to provide your feedback on the draft community vision.

Your feedback will be collated and shared with the community panel at a final workshop for consideration to review, refine and finalise the community vision.

We encourage you to keep in mind the purpose of the community vision:

  • This is to articulate a long-term vision which describes the aspiration or ambition of the community.
  • It should serve as a ‘light on the hill’ to unite the community of Moira Shire and express in visionary terms how the shire wants to be perceived by the world.
  • The vision is not a Council Plan, but importantly will be used by Council to guide future decision-making.

The consultation period will close on Sunday 5 September.

If you have any questions about the survey or vision project, please contact Moira Shire Council on 03 5871 9222.

Development of the draft vision

A panel of 28 diverse community members came together over the weekend of Saturday 31 July - Sunday 1 August for an independently facilitated workshop to develop the draft community vision.

The panel reviewed and deliberated on a range of stimulus materials, including:

  • Feedback from broad community consultation on what you love about Moira Shire and your vision for our community in 2035
  • Key facts and expert opinions on key themes relating to what’s changing in the world and how it may impact life in Moira Shire

The panel developed a draft community vision that includes an overall vision statement and four key themes reflecting what is most important to the community of Moira Shire. 

Download a PDF of the draft vision here(PDF, 5MB).

If you have trouble accessing this document please give our friendly Customer Experience team a call for more options
on 03 5871 9222

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To download a PDF of this survey to complete, please click here(PDF, 113KB)

Draft Community Vision

Visual graphic depicting the community vision