Community Budget Proposals - 2022/23 Council Budget

Submissions closing on 25 February 2022, 05:00 PM

JL12934 Moira Shire budget.png
Council is is inviting residents and community organisations to submit their budget proposals for the 2022/23 Budget.

We are calling for budget proposals prior to the traditional budget submission period to ensure community members with great ideas for our area can be heard and their projects have the appropriate time to be considered. 

Proposals that could be considered to be included in the next financial years budget could be:

  • Minor or major infrastructure works (including roads, bridges, footpaths, drainage, sporting facilities, playgrounds etc.)
  • Sustainability projects
  • Community programs and services
  • Events 
The traditional Budget Submission period, held annually in April/May, will still go ahead however, this will be used primarily for the purposes of providing feedback on the draft 2022/23 Budget, and will not be to present a bid or proposal.  

We thank the community in advance for getting involved in this process and providing their ideas to Council.
All Community Budget Proposals must be submitted using the SmartyGrants process online.  Proposal submissions must be received by 5pm Friday 25 February 2022. 
Submitters will have an opportunity to present their proposal to Councillor's prior to finalising the draft 2022/23 Budget.  A Community Budget Proposal Hearing for those wishing to make a presentation is proposed for Monday 7 March 2022. This hearing will be open to the public. 

Your proposal submission will be used to assist in the development of Councils 2022/23 Budget (or future budget development). Your information will be disclosed to Council Staff and Councillors involved in development of the budget. 

Your proposal including your personal information (ie. name and address) may be made publicly available, including on our website.

The relevant Council Officer/s may contact you for further information while your budget proposal is considered.