Community Strengthening Grants

Apply now.PNG These grants provide funds that strengthen the involvement of community organisations by developing services, management of facilities, coordination of events and promotion of tourism and health in the community.



Available Grants

Quick Response Grants

These grants are available all year round for small projects or events that will occur within three months of the application.

Application Form

Creative Hubs - Applications close 30 July 2020

Creative Hubs have been established as part of Council’s inaugural Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-26.

Each Creative Hub will support inclusive and connected communities, value the culture of our First Nations Peoples, support  youth-based programs, plan or provide exhibition and performance spaces, identify professional development opportunities for artists and performers, and plan for broader regional access to the arts.

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Please read the Creative Hubs Application Guidelines before applying.

Creative Hubs Application Form

Innovative Services are Better Services - Applications close 30 July 2020

This program has been developed in response to changes to funding arrangements for community care services to people with disabilities, who are frail or aged.

The program aims to strengthen community engagement and support through the provision of funds to address unmet needs in our region and will be of particular interest to service providers and not-for-profit community organisations who are seeking funding to deliver an innovative service.

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Please read the Innovative Services and Better Services Application Guidelines before applying.

Innovative Services Application Form

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Help Guide for Applicants
Community Strengthening Grants - Guidelines - please read prior to applying. 
Community Strengthening Grants Policy
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