Infectious disease control

Japanese encephalitis virus

Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is spread to humans through mosquito bites.

It may cause a rare and potentially life-threatening infection of the brain.

Moira Shire has been named a critical region in the fight against JEV with people living and working in the area urged to get vaccinated to protect themselves.

Eligibility criteria has been expanded to give specific priority groups the vaccine for free, including those who may be exposed to the virus at work.

Those eligible include people aged between 50 and 65 who work in a role that is largely outdoors, specifically those who spend more than four hours outdoors each day.

We are urging people to fill out a simple Expressions of Interest form below to indicate whether they wished to be vaccinated.

This information will be critical in helping us determine the amount of vaccine we need as well as the amount and location of immunisation sessions we will need to organise.

Expressions of Interest Form

Do you wish to be vaccinated against Japanese Encephalitis Virus? * (required)

Are you part of the criteria eligible for a free vaccine? * (required)

Council is collecting personal information on this form for the “Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccination Progam”. The information collected will be used to determine the amount of vaccine we need as well as the amount and location of immunisation sessions we need to run. Information collected may be disclosed if required or authorised by law. You can find out more about how we use and protect your information by viewing our Privacy Statement on our website

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Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and Surveillance (IDEAS)

The Victorian Government Department of Health website includes the Blue Book (Guidelines for the control of infectious diseases), along with various other fact sheets, guidelines, standards and legislation for the investigation, control and prevention of infectious diseases in a range of settings.

Detailed surveillance reports are available on the Department of Health website (updated daily), along with requirements and methods for notifying diseases.


Information on Mosquito Borne Diseases & Mosquito Control

Beat the bite - mosquito borne diseases

Mosquito control


Water quality testing

We monitor water quality in public swimming pools and investigate incidences of infectious disease.

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