Saying no to plastics

Soft Plastic 2.png

The scary saying that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish is a reality. More than 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year and that number is rising annually. We can all do our bit to reduce our plastic consumption, and what plastic is sometimes unavoidable can be recycled.

For example, soft plastic such as plastic bags and packaging can be taken to any Woolworths or Coles store for recycling. This program turns your chip packets into amazing products like park benches which you will see around Moira. You will be amazed at how much your landfill waste reduces when this product is recycled.


Another easy way to reduce your plastic waste is to use reusables. Take you own water bottle everywhere to avoid buying water in plastic, use a reusable coffee cup (take-away coffee cups are lined with plastic as well as having a plastic lid), remember to bring your own bags when shopping and avoid plastic packaging where possible. These small habits will make a huge difference to your landfill waste.

What can you do now to reduce plastic?