Revenue & Rating Plan 2021 - 2025

Council is required to develop a Revenue and Rating Plan by 30 June in the year following a general election. The Plan provides a medium-term strategy for how Council will generate income to deliver on the Council Plan, program and services and capital works commitments over a 4-year period.

The Revenue and Rating Plan incorporates:

  • how revenue will be generated through rates on properties (including differential rates on different property classes);
  • fixed service charges that might be applied on services such as waste or recycling;
  • fees and charges for services and programs;
  • developer contributions and other revenue;
  • revenue generated from use or allocation of Council assets (including the application of discounts and waivers);
  • recurrent and non-recurrent operational and capital grants from other levels of government; and
  • other activities established to deliver programs or services and generate income or reduce costs.

The Revenue & Rating Plan was adopted by Council on 23 June 2021. 

Revenue cover.PNG(PDF, 12MB)