Statement on Nathalia street lights by Mayor Libro Mustica

Published on 18 May 2018


There has been much debate in recent weeks about the replacement of the aging street lights and fittings in Blake Street, Nathalia.
There are 22 non-standard lights along the street and currently 8 of those are faulty.
The remaining 14 lights are also approaching the end of their expected life-span.
Council initially made the decision to replace those lights with the standard Powercor-supplied light fittings instead of spending rate payers’ money on sourcing and installing non-standard fittings.
After hearing from Nathalia residents of their concerns we have decided to conduct a community consultation process.

The details of this community consultation process will be finalised in coming days but will involve a survey so residents can take an active part in deciding the future for lighting the main street of Nathalia.
 This issue is currently isolated to Nathalia however there are similar light fittings in other towns across the shire which will eventually require replacing.
With rate capping now fully in effect Council must consider each spending project carefully.
Retaining the non-standard lights in Nathalia may come at the expense of other community projects and initiatives across the whole shire.