Seven solutions for smelly summer bins

Published on 11 January 2019


After the recent run of extremely warm weather, coinciding with the Christmas/New Year holiday period, Council has heard from residents who are concerned their (or their neighbours) organic waste bin was a tad smelly.
“The organic waste kerbside collection service is achieving fantastic results and keeping waste out of landfill so we are keen to get on top of any issues that could discourage use of the service,” Acting General Manager Community Georgia Hills said.
“Unfortunately it’s not as simple as scheduling another collection run because the kerbside collection schedules have the trucks fully committed each week servicing towns across the shire.
“So we’re working with waste experts and residents to find other solutions that can immediately address their concerns.
“Very few flies and vermin are attracted to garden waste - they like the smell of food waste so the following tips can help avoid, minimise and remove food waste smells.”
1. Make sure your food waste is in the purple bags and covered by other garden waste such as lawn clippings or dry leaves in your organics bin - alternate layers of food waste with garden waste.
2. Wrap up food waste such as prawn shells, seafood and uncooked meat scraps and store them in the freezer until the next collection day. Just remember to put them in your organic bin when you put it out for collection.
3. If you are worried about contact with other food in your freezer, you can wrap your food waste in newspaper or paper towel and put this inside a purple bag in the freezer or directly into your bin.
4. Store your bins in a shady, flat and well-ventilated area.
5. Rinse or hose out your bins from time to time - you can wash your kitchen basket and organic bin with hot water and bio-degradable detergent or in the dishwasher.
6. Some bi-carb soda in the bottom of your bin can help remove the smell.
7. Keep your organic bin and kitchen basket lid tightly closed.
“Please don’t use other bags even if they are marked bio-degradable. These bags do not degrade in the same way or timeframe and will contaminate the organic waste. If you need extra purple bags please call our customer service team,” Ms Hills said.
Ms Hills also confirmed council was working with its contractors DS Kendall Waste Services to explore options for a weekly organics collection service when those contracts come up for renewal.
“We want to look at options for seasonal collection schedules for our holiday hot spots,” she said.
“In the meantime, we have identified ways to reduce and even avoid odours and attracting flies and other pests.”
For waste collection times and information on your nearest Transfer Station go to our website