Serrated Tussock found in Moira

Published on 27 September 2018

serrated tussock.jpg

 A regionally prohibited weed, Serrated Tussock, has been identified in our shire for the first time.

We are currently working with Agriculture Victoria to eradicate this weed from our region.

Mayor Libro Mustica said the importance of early detection, particularly of new outbreaks, mean these outbreaks can be easily managed.

"It is estimated the annual cost of invasive plants to Australian Agriculture is $4 billion through yield losses and product contamination," Cr Mustica said.

"We are committed to a long term, five year program to control weeds along Council managed roadsides.

"The Roadside Weeds and Pests Program over the last two years has controlled weeds on approximately 1,460km of roadsides or 44% of our total rural road length of 3,300 km.

"In addition our operations teams are continually identifying and controlling weeds within our towns."

The prevention, management and eradication of invasive weed species can only be achieved in partnership with industry, community and government.

"There are some important things you can do to prevent the spread of invasive weed species," Cr Mustica said.

"If you are a grower always ask if the seller of your seed is a member of the Australian Seed Federation to ensure you ‘Know Before You Sow’, plus ensure your seed is certified or quality assured.

"Know what plant you are buying – is the plant native or exotic, invasive or non-invasive?

"Plant indigenous species that are suitable garden plants and report any invasive species found on road sides or reserves to Moira Shire Council.

"Alternatively, report ‘state prohibited species’ to Agriculture Victoria on 136 186.

"By working together we can support our community, agricultural industry and the environment."

A comprehensive list of invasive plant species in Victoria can be found on Agriculture Victoria’s website