Road name proposed in honour of community volunteer Neil Davis

Published on 01 July 2024


Moira Shire have proposed the naming of a road in honour of former community member Neil Davis.

Endorsed at the Scheduled Council Meeting on Wednesday 26 June 2024, the proposed name of the JC Lowe Oval access road in Yarrawonga would become ‘Neil Place’ subject to the outcome of community consultation.

The naming proposal was submitted and supported by the Yarrawonga JC Lowe Oval Recreation Committee Asset Committee to honour Neil who passed away in 2020. Neil had a strong connection to the Yarrawonga area and was known for his significant contributions particularly to the Yarrawonga Football Netball Club and Yarrawonga Lawn Tennis Club, both of which are located at the JC Lowe Oval precinct.

Moira Shire Council’s Chair Administrator, Dr Graeme Emonson PSM, said that the naming of roads can be important for community identity, but also for emergency response.

‘Neil was a well-respected member of the Yarrawonga Football Netball Club, the Lawn Tennis Club and the broader Yarrawonga community. It is fitting to propose that the access road to the JC Lowe Oval precinct, where both clubs are located, be named after someone who made such a significant contribution over time,” said Dr Emonson.

“The proposed naming of this road will also improve emergency services response for the local community who use the facilities at JC Lowe Oval. Clearly named roads help residents and services alike to navigate an area more easily.”

The community will be able to have their say on the proposed road naming in accordance with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria via Moira Matters ( naming-jc-lowe-oval), with the proposal open for submissions until 4pm on Friday 2 August 2024.


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