Recovery grant for Cobram Canoe Club

Published on 03 December 2021


The Cobram Canoe Club recently purchased some new kayaks after receiving a Coronavirus Recovery Grant as well as a Community Strengthening Grant from Moira Shire Council.

Mayor Libro Mustica said the various grant opportunities from Council are there to assist community groups and organisations commence or complete projects and tasks and in particular, the Recovery Grant stream was launched to help heal the community after two tumultuous years in 2020 and 2021.

“The Coronavirus Recovery Grants were designed to help community organisations to continue to support and improve health and wellbeing through community engagement, collaboration, innovation and social connection,” Cr Mustica said.

“We have extended this grant opportunity into 2022, to ensure all community groups and organisations have the opportunity to apply.”

Membership officer of the Cobram Canoe Club Louise Greenwood said the two grants would help make the sport of paddling even more accessible to the wider community.

“The Recovery Grant has covered the costs of new beginner boats and enable us to run free Come and Try events for people who want to try paddling,” Ms Greenwood said.

“The Community Strengthening Grant helped purchase a double outrigger canoe which will make paddling more accessible for more people.

“This canoe is easier to access as paddlers sit on top, rather than in the boat, and the ‘outrigger’ provides greater stability.

“It is a fantastic addition as people who have struggled to use our racing canoes in the past can now join us on the water.

“These new boats have allowed more people to give it a go.”

For more information on Council’s Coronavirus Recovery Grants or Community Strengthening Grants click here.

Pictured is Mayor Libro Mustica with the President of the Cobram Canoe Club Robert Schram.

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