Protecting native vegetation

Published on 16 July 2021

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Victoria’s native vegetation is protected by legislation and requires a permit, exemption or appropriate permissions for any removal or destruction to occur. Moira Shire Council CEO Clare Keenan said the community needed to take extra care particularly during the traditional burn off season. “All landholders need to be aware of the legislation protecting our native vegetation,” Ms Keenan said. “Landholders must establish a three metre firebreak around all trees, supervise their fires at all times and have the means to extinguish the fire if it gets out of control.

“The removal of native vegetation requires a permit and Council can help any landholder through the application process. “Native vegetation includes plants that are indigenous to Victoria including trees, living or dead, shrubs, herbs and grasses.

“This vegetation is precious, provides much needed habitat for our native wildlife, and it makes our land more productive.”

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If you suspect the illegal removal or destruction, including burning, of native vegetation please contact Council immediately.


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