Moira Shire seeks feedback on future directions for volunteer committe

Published on 05 April 2019


Moira Shire Council is seeking community feedback on its Section 86 Future Directions – Discussion Paper. The paper includes 13 key principles to guide the future operation, funding and support for volunteer committees across the Shire.

Moira Shire Mayor Libro Mustica said across the shire, local communities have and continue to enjoy facilities that are above and beyond council’s financial capacity because of the significant contribution made over many years by local volunteer committees.

“With a range of changes to the Local Government Act on the horizon, we want to ensure this source of local connection and pride is not lost,” Cr Mustica said.

“In partnership with local committees and communities, we need to develop management arrangements that can reduce the compliance and regulation demands on local committees while promoting the ongoing contributions from current and future volunteers.

“The discussion paper begins this conversation. Over coming months, we will talk with local committees, volunteers and user groups to see how they feel about the principles.

“I encourage everyone involved in local committees as well as clubs and other user groups to consider the discussion paper and to consider what the future could look like in five even 10 years for the committees and for the wider community they serve.”

The discussion paper is available from council’s website and members of the community are welcome to share their ideas via the online feedback form –